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Site to discuss the life and death of an officer killed in the line of duty on Bald Head Island, North Carolina in 1999.

Friday, May 9, 2008

May, 2008

Some many things have happened during this new year. The book Out With Three: The Murder and Betrayal of Davina Buff Jones is making its way throughout the country. The reaction from people all over the United States has been quite astounding and really, really appreciated by the whole family. We know that Davina is happy at the response we have received so far.

As you may know, the sheriff has resigned amid allegations of wrongdoing from within his own department and faces state grand jury charges and is still under federal grand jury investigation. We know that he is not the only less than stellar political/elected official who has dirty hands. We hope this is only the beginning of the fall from grace of those who have wielded power as they pleased in the past.

Our thanks to those who are supporting us. It is not just for our daughter and sister. It is for all citizens who expect who live without fear of police and politicians and expect our civil servants to work for us and not against, at least to the point of death.

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