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Officer Davina Buff Jones

Site to discuss the life and death of an officer killed in the line of duty on Bald Head Island, North Carolina in 1999.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fallen in the Line of Duty

We have just finished another week of honoring police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Our family has endured another time of not being able to do so for Davina because her death has been ruled as a 'suicide' by our local District Attorney, even though local, state, and federal benefit hearing panels have ruled it impossible that she could have shot herself in the manner in which she died. The time is coming, Dee, when this injustice to you will be resolved. What is done in the dark DOES come to the light. And it IS coming. Rest easy among your fellow fallen officers. Anyone wishing to leave condolences to Dee may do so at http://www.findagrave.com/ under the name Davina Elaine Jones.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Visit Davina's Grave Site

Davina was cremated so her ashes could be with those of her beloved grandfather. Any flowers or other remembrances left where her body was found on Bald Head Island are immediately removed. She is not listed at the national memorial in Washington, DC among other policemen and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty due to the District Attorney's ruling that she committed suicide. I wanted to create a place that could not be destroyed or withheld where she could be remembered often by those of us who knew and loved her and by those who have come to know her through the book that tells her story.

I have set up a remembrance site for her on www.findagrave.com
If you would like to drop by and spend a few moments with Dee, please do so.
Once at the site, search for "Davina Elaine Jones" without the parentheses.
May, 2008
This year's BHI magazine Haven has an interesting quote on its inside page:
Do you believe a place can have a soul?
If BHI has one, folks, it's blood stained.

Censorship in Brunswick County?

May 9, 2008
Irony? The two places in Brunswick County where employees may be fired for being found with a copy of Out With Three are Bald Head Island and the Brunswick County Offices. What are the powers that be in those places worried that employees will discover? Censorship in the USA? Who would have thought!

May, 2008

Some many things have happened during this new year. The book Out With Three: The Murder and Betrayal of Davina Buff Jones is making its way throughout the country. The reaction from people all over the United States has been quite astounding and really, really appreciated by the whole family. We know that Davina is happy at the response we have received so far.

As you may know, the sheriff has resigned amid allegations of wrongdoing from within his own department and faces state grand jury charges and is still under federal grand jury investigation. We know that he is not the only less than stellar political/elected official who has dirty hands. We hope this is only the beginning of the fall from grace of those who have wielded power as they pleased in the past.

Our thanks to those who are supporting us. It is not just for our daughter and sister. It is for all citizens who expect who live without fear of police and politicians and expect our civil servants to work for us and not against, at least to the point of death.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


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